Imaginario Inverso: Futureglyphs

Imaginario Inverso is our ongoing investigation into the industrialization of the social imaginary and the commercialization of scientific knowledge. Through a series of workshops, talks, and exhibitions using conceptual prototyping, futurecasting, reappropriations, and micro-narratives, we propose different frameworks for reflecting on the geopolitics of technology development and the reinterpretation of technologies for more personal uses.

While working on a laser modem, we started to explore the possibility of using lasers to create other kinds of local networks to communicate with the future, and began to engrave rocks using a glyphic alphabet of our own design. During public workshops and interventions, we invite people to use our laser to carve their predictions and warnings into rocks, and later redistribute the engravings throughout the region.

Part site-specific minimalist installation, part laboratory and workshop, this platform invites direct participation and creates an opportunity for manifesting anxieties about the future.

Documentation and updates can be found on the project’s website.