Astrovandalistas is a translocal collective that focuses on the development of projects that combine research, artistic action, technology, activism, urban hacking and open knowledge.

Founded in Tijuana in 2010, the collective is based in Mexico City, but operates as a laboratory of decentralized action in different locations in Latin America and the United States.

Our strategy is to generate low budget technologies that can be easily replicated by people in different places. Our work is influenced by low-budget, DIY, DIWO cultures and the free software and open hardware movements.

Our actions are motivated by the research of interfaces for human-machine and human-human communication, the use of public space for creating individual and/or collective experiences, and the development of tools that enable new forms of collective communication mediated entirely by open technologies.

The members of Astrovandalistas have exhibited individual works in Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Spain, Canada and Chile in collaboration with Medialab-Prado, Marginalia+Lab, Hangar, Nuvem, SESC and Centro Multimedia Mexico.

Recent Exhibitions

Imaginario Inverso: Futureglyphs
Unsettled Artifacts, SIGGRAPH 2017, Los Angeles (August 2017)

An Argument for Technology
MAKING PLANS, Los Angeles (March 2017)

Imaginario Inverso: Fronteras
Periscópio, Galeria Zipper - São Paulo (July 2016)

Imaginario Inverso: Narrativas hacia el futuro
Territory of the Imagination, Rubin Center, El Paso/Juárez (November 2015 – February 2016)

La Sonora Telemática
Transitio_MX 06, México City (September 2015)

Acciones Territoriales, Ex Teresa Arte Actual, México City (November 2014)

La Sonora Telemática
Sight and Sound Festival, Montreal (May 2014)

Æffect Lab
Mextrópoli, México City (March 2014)

An Argument For Technology
Art Hack Day, Transmediale, Berlin (January 2014)

Æffect Lab
Museum of Latin American Art, Long Beach (July 2013)

Arma Sonora Telemática #bangMTY
Festival Nrmal, Monterrey (March 2013)

El Abismo No Nos Detiene
Live Performers Meeting, México City (January 2013)

Arma Sonora Telemática #bangCampoMarte
Centro Cultural El Bosque, México City (July 2012)